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Meet your Photograpgher!

​Hey there, I’m River! You've found yourself here because you love your pet, and you want a photographer to capture life time memories of them! As a dedicated and experienced professional pet photographer,  I would love to tell your pet's unique story through expressive, naturally lit, portraiture photography. I’m based in Cambridge, UK, and shoot all over the UK! I look forward to meeting you soon!


Simplistic Portraits

I take naturally lit photos with a simplistic touch. Your companion will be the main focus of the photos.


The Process

Curious to know what will happen throughout your photo session? Review the process and learn a few tips for your furry friends photo day.


Packages and Deals

My Portfolio has a great example of the beautiful photos I capture. However, if you want to skip straight to bookings, check out the photography sessions I've specifically made for you!

Welcome to my blog

Where the world of dogs comes alive through insightful posts on tricks, dog behavior, reactivity, and all the essential photography tips you need for mesmerizing photo sessions. As a devoted dog lover and seasoned photographer, I'm passionate about sharing valuable knowledge that strengthens the bond with our furry friends, captures their unique personalities, and offers solutions to common challenges. Join me on this journey of discovery, compassion, and creativity, as we celebrate the art of understanding, training, and photographing our beloved canine companions.



Exclusive discounts, dog behaviour tips and fun dog tricks!

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Whiz n Wag

If you've found yourself here looking for my dog training site, click the button below. Start your dogs positive transformation journey today!

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